Spices... colours... sweet smell... nature of Kephalonia... Mother Earth gave generously her goods at this place. It was deprived of nothing... She wanted it gifted... Self-sufficient... The place, its residents and its guests. Ingredients pure, fresh, natural. An offer by the mountain and the sea. Thyme, origan, rosemary, bay, mint.. Just a touch of all these herbs is more than enough to give special scent and taste to our meals and salads.

Chamomille, sage, marjoram... From the pharmacy of nature with love...Pharmaceutical, healing, comforting herbs. Thyme honey... our island is full of bee hives looked attentively after apiarists, who with stubborness and proud despite the technological developments are trying to preserve the traditional profession known by ancient times.

Strong roots... deep roots... roots with their own history. Olive trees, olive fruit, olive oil. It flows abundantly, enriching our everyday food, balancing it, ennobling it. The principle of the Mediterranean Diet in our table. So easy... so authentically...

In antiquity it was considered to be the most deserving gift, the stone of fiendship, the reason of resolving misunderstandings and contracting alliances. Today it accompanies every unique moment. We are talking, of course, about the wine, production of vineyards being cultivated on the island by the ancient times. The mild climate, the effect of Black Mountain, the frequent rain and the chalky conformation of the soil make the vineyards arable everywhere. The most famous local varieties are Robola, Mavrodaphne and white Moschato.

The visitor of the island cannot omit to taste the traditional local dishes. Ingredients taken from nature, combined in harmony, satisfying all tastes: from meat lovers to seafood lovers and from vegetarians to spaghetti eaters. Meat pie, rooster cooked in wine, braized rabbit, meat soup, cod pie, fresh fish, fish soup, a variety of vegetables like notchweed, white beet, chicory, purslane, courgettes and string bean, the famous riganada made of bread, salt, oil, origan and squeezed tomato, strapatsada made of eggs, tomatoes and feta cheese are only some of our special dishes. Of course feta cheese, one of the best in Greece, the soft skim-milk cheese and the pretza cream cheese couldn't be absent from our table.

A worthy meal always rounds off with a worthy desert. Mandoles, pastokydona, florentines, pasteli, nougats, jams and nut-cakes have the scent of thyme honey and pure tradition of Kephalonia.