“When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it.”

Our wish was to create a place where people will get together and share pleasant moments and tasty meals, and this dream finally came true in the summer of 2006.

With great pleasure and enthusiasm all the family works together to offer to you an authentic Greek cuisine with pure, fresh ingredients.

Homemade pies, traditional Kefalonian recipes and fresh products from our garden are only some of the things you can enjoy.

Your presence is a source of strength and inspiration for new culinary creations.

Welcome to our home.

With view of the moon and the Ionian Sea from our terrace you can relax and reminisce "Like old times" romantic relaxing times.

We hope you enjoy this journey of flavors and keep it engraved in your hearts...

Let's go back a few years ...

Only a few may actually know the secret beauty of Kefalonia. The island offers countless balconies with a view at the Ionian Sea. The water is peaceful but also mysterious. It provokes you into dreaming, creating and getting lost in a swirl of thoughts. One of these balconies was ours. Scanning the horizon, cultivating our own land, chatting in a family mood having as company the summer breeze.. Through this simple everyday life the idea was born.

People have to find out our local dishes, it is their integral right. And our obligation is to offer them the train for this tasty trip. Home-made food, pure ingredients poduced in our own land, environment so comfortable and familiar that makes visitors feel like home and leaves them with a smile on their face which reveals that they tasted, found out and walked great savoury paths. The idea became a wish. And the wish came true. 29th July 2006... and its name was “OLD TIMES”. And its vision “the tasty satisfaction of man”.

Born and raised in the tradition of Kefalonia and taught by our parents' experience, we took care of even the smallest details; the daily hand-kneaded bread, the raw materials we use, the home-made traditional deserts that complete your meal or dinner. For us a new day means new preparations. The rise of the sun brings the harvest of the garden produce, the preparation of our kitchen by our family and the care of our gardens.

We treat every single person who has trusted us as equal members of our family. We offer qualitative, flavoured dishes just like the ones we would cook for ourselves.

We support our local producers and products in order to make your tasty trip authentically Greek and Kefalonian.

We hope that in the question “How was your meal?” the shine in your face to be the answer.

We are looking forward to serving you!